Coming up…

Happy Springtime! from all at Friends of Adel Woods!

Next event:

Sunday 19th March 2017, 10 am to 12 noon:

tidying the Hospice Woodland; repairing the Stairfoot Lane steps; litter picking

Meeting in Stairfoot Lane car park at 9.55 am.


In the meantime, why not have a look at some of our recent activities on our exciting and exclusive blog – just click on any of the posts on the right of this page


6 responses to “Coming up…

  1. Hi does adel bog area need some kind of water management it seems to dry out in summer.thanks mark pedder.

    • Hi Mark, You are quite right that Adel Bog dries out as the Summer progresses. The problem is probably simply that the surrounding trees suck the water up. We are trying to deal with it by cutting back some of the trees around the perimeter of the bog, and pulling up other species such as bracken and brambles which will continue the process of converting the area from bog to dry land. We have had some measure of success, but realistically we are never going to get the bog to a position where it is nice and wet all year round.


      Roger Gilbert, Chair of FOAW

  2. How about piping the overflow from the pond by gravity to the bog.

    • Hi Mark, that is a good idea. About five years ago, one of the rangers dug a trench all the way from the pond to the bog. However, it did not really help because the trench went up and down a bit, and reached the bog at one of the lower points. I am not convinced that any water reached the bog from the pond. A pipe could work but it would be a big job and we would need a lot of piping. Do you have any experience or expertise in this kind of job?

      Yours, Roger

      • Sorry no struggling with new alwoodley allotment plot..taken a sample of bog water to put under microscope.adel dam upstream classic area for microscopy samples.diatoms, rotifers,protozoa ,etc..

      • Country file showed spagnum moss renewal for reclaiming bog areas and solving water retention.

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