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Sunday, 19 October 2014: the path less travelled

Three work teams today.

14-10-19-P1060292Chris delighted us with her return from sabbatical and picked litter.  She, Rob and Tina (who were also out litter picking) made a huge difference to the woods but Chris was disappointed that she did not find anything interesting – like a stash of money.

14-10-19-P1060293Andrew, David and Beth went off to cut back holly on the path running along the stream and to remove a fallen tree from there and another fallen tree on a path up to the moor.

Your correspondent and the rest of the team spent the morning widening Crag Lane and succeeded in working on the stretch from the clubhouse to the picnic area.  In stretches, this once proud thoroughfare had been reduced to a mere three feet or so in width.

14-10-19-P1060296The day started cool but by lunchtime it had turned into a really lovely day.