Friday 26 May 2017: The Refurbishment of the Slabbering Baby

17-05-29-12239904_901922093224123_The Slabbering Baby is a drinking fountain in Adel Woods.  Have a look at our blog entry for 24 May 2017 for information about its history and location.  In recent years, it has fallen into disrepair, and the stream of water reduced to a feeble trickle,  and many have dreamed that it can be restored.  This picture shows the Slabbering Baby in its heyday – and the lady in the picture is believed to be Francis Verity of Verity’s Tea Rooms.

In November 2016, Councillors Barry Anderson and Caroline Anderson provided £200 to enable the Slabbering Baby to be refurbished.

The work has now been completed.  It included:

  • excavating behind the structure to ascertain where the water came from
  • unblocking the pipes and replacing damaged ones
  • removing the damaged bowl and creating a new one
  • building a new wall on each side of the Slabbering Baby

The work has been co-ordinated by Douglas Louis of Leeds City Council and has been done by LCC Restorations Ltd, Remaking Leeds, Heritage Construction Skills and Skill Mill (Leeds Youth Offending Service).

17-05-26-P1090398The new bowl has been carved by Teresa Dybisz, an apprentice stone mason with York Minster, and she has done a super job.

The wall on each side of the new structure has also been built and it provides a wonderful place for weary travellers on the Meanwood Valley Trail to sit and enjoy a sandwich or take in the peaceful atmosphere of the woods.  The craftsmen who have built the wall have done an excellent job.


The Refurbished Slabbering Baby water fountain, 26 May 2017

The Slabbering Baby is situated near Adel Pond – sitting on the wall, follow the path to the right down to the stream, and then climb the steps up to the pond.


Adel Pond, the evening of Friday 26 May 2017



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