Adel Woods

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Adel Woods are a jewel between the suburbs of Adel and Alwoodley.

adelwoods-P1040546The  bulk of the woodland is part of a plot of 175 acres of land purchased by Leeds Corporation from the trustees of John Edwin Eddison MD in 1946 for £20,750.  On purchasing the land, the Corporation covenanted with the vendors and their successors in title that the Corporation would for ever after use the property for the purposes only of agriculture, horticulture or of a public open space.  The whole plot of land  purchased by theadelwoods-P1060669 Corporation stretches from the Seven  Arches in the south to Golf Farm, the white house on King Lane, in the north.

In 1955 Leeds Corporation purchased from Percy Reddyhoff, a builder,  a further plot of about 9.25 acres  land behind Buckstone Avenue for £2,691/8/7d.  Mr Reddyhoff had agreed to purchase the land from the trustees of John Eddison.

Adel Bog

Adel Bog

In the Unitary Development Plan the land is designated green belt, a protected green/open space and an urban green corridor. The area between the Seven Arches and Stairfoot Lane is also a site of Ecological and Geological Importance (a SEGI).

The woods form part of the Meanwood Valley Nature Reserve and the Forest of Leeds.

Adel Woods have a wonderfuladelwoods-P1050670 variety of habitats – woodland, open meadows, heathland, two streams, a pond and a large bog with unusual plant species.

To enjoy the sounds and sights of the woods in Spring click here

For more information about the Meanwood Valley Nature Reserve, click here

Adel Moor

Adel Moor

The Meanwood Valley Trail runs through the woods on its way from Woodhouse Moor to Breary Marsh.

To download a map of Meanwood Valley Trail click here

The Hospice Woodland

The Hospice Woodland




2 responses to “Adel Woods

  1. David Johnston

    I am one of the volunteers at Adel Dam and am very interested in its history.
    Do any of your members know where I might find photos of Adel Dam dating back to Edwin Eddison’s time when it was a ‘pleasure garden ‘ ?


    Dave Johnston.

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